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Only $9.90 For Single Vehicle

If your first used month was in October, your Form 2290 due date is November 30, 2021


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2290 E-file

2290 E-file

E-File Form 2290 and Receive your Schedule 1 in minutes.

Report taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles, and logging vehicles using Form 2290 online.

2290 Amendments

2290 Amendments

E-file Form 2290 amendment for filed vehicle information changes VIN correction, Increases in taxable gross weight, Low mileage exceed.

Free VIN Corrections to those who filed the original 2290s with us.

Claim Tax Credits

Claim Tax Credits

E-File Form 8849 (schedule 6) to claim a refund for stolen, destroyed, or sold vehicles.

Report vehicles that did not exceed the mileage limit for which you have already paid taxes.

See how easy it is to E-file your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax

3 Simple Steps to get 2290 Schedule 1


Enter your Form 2290 Information


Choose your HVUT payment method


Review Form Summary and Transmit it to the IRS

Receive your Stamped 2290 Schedule 1 in Minutes.

Why should you Choose Express Truck Tax to E-file Form 2290?

ExpressTruckTax Has The simplified 2290 E-filing Features Every Trucking Business Needs

#1 IRS-authorized 2290 e-file provider

#1 IRS-authorized e-file provider

We have over ten years of experience as the remaining 2290 e-file providers. We are here to make your taxes simple!

IRS authorization means your return will be transmitted quickly and securely.

Guaranteed Schedule 1 or Money Back

Get Schedule 1 or Money Back

Form 2290 will be accepted by the IRS & you will receive your Stamped Schedule 1 or your money back.

Express Guarantee is our commitment to work closely with truckers to resolve the errors if the IRS rejects the returns.

Instant Error Check

Instant Error Check

Our system performs an instant internal audit to ensure error-free filing.

100% accurate tax calculations and secured data assurance.

Free 2290 VIN Corrections

Free VIN Checker and Corrections

Check VIN using our VIN checker on Form 2290 before transmitting it to the IRS for error free filing

E-File Form 2290 VIN Corrections for free if you filed the original tax return with ExpressTruckTax.

There are Lot More amazing features in Express Truck Tax!

E-File your Tax Form 2290

E-File Form 2290 with Express Truck Tax
Mobile App

Available for both the iOS and Android Mobile Devices.

Get 2290 Schedule 1 in minutes.

Receive a push notification once the IRS accepts your 2290 return.

Have your tax amount automatically calculated.

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ExpressTruckTax Form 2290 E-File Pricing

Single vehicle

(Owner Operator)



(Mini Fleet)


3 to 24 vehicles

(Small Fleet)


25 to 100 vehicles

(Medium Fleet)



Ready to E-File Form 2290 with Express Truck Tax?

A simplified Form 2290 E-filing service


If your first use month was October, your Form 2290 is due on November 30, 2021

Guaranteed Schedule 1 or your money back! Starting at only $9.90.