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Why Choose TruckTax for filing Form 2290 online?

Truck Tax Form 2290

#1 IRS-authorized 2290 e-file provider

We have over ten years of experience as the leaving 2290 e-file provider. We are here to make your
taxes simple!

IRS-authorization means your return will be transmitted quickly
and securely.

Get Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes

Once you file your 2290 with us, your return will be transmitted to the
IRS immediately.

You will receive your stamped Schedule 1 as soon as it is approved by the IRS.

Instant IRS Filing Status

Know the status of your return as soon as it has been transmitted to the IRS.

When your return is accepted, you will be notified and your 2290 Schedule 1 will be sent to you
by email.

U.S. Based Customer Support

We provide customer support in both English and Spanish by phone, email, and live chat. Give us a call at (704) 234-6005 or email us at

Why Choose TruckTax for IFTA reporting?

Accurate Fuel Tax Calculations

Your IFTA fuel tax is automatically and
accurately calculated.

IFTA taxes are calculated based on your base jurisdiction so that you do not pay too much or
too little.

Bulk Data Upload

Upload odometer or distance readings for multiple vehicles at the same time with Excel or CSV files.

Spend less time on manual data entry on your
IFTA report.


The system automatically checks for common errors or missing information on your
IFTA report.

Pre-audit helps reduce the chance of IFTA
penalties later.

IFTA and IRP Reports

Accurately calculate the amount you will owe
on IRP.

Reports are broken down by months or quarters for
easy reading.

IFTA Reporting

Why Choose TruckTax for Filing Payroll Tax Forms?

Quarterly and Year End Filings

Quarterly Filings (Form 941)

Error-free Form 941 filing.

Quickly processed and approved by the IRS.

Accurate tax calculations.

Year-End Filings (Form W-2,
1099, 1095)

Supports all federal and state year-end forms including W-2, 1099,
and 1095.

Form 1099 corrections.

Bulk data upload for multiple employees
or contractors.

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Accurately generate your Fourth quarter IFTA report with our software.